A perfectly intact city, between History, Art and Culture, is a city that will make you falls in love. Among all the foreign cities, Florence has become certainly the one that I prefer. The more you live in there and the more you realize you love her. There is something cozy to make me feel like a home” – TCHAIKOVSKY


The city of the Palio and the districts. An Artwork in the Sky, a unique atmosphere in the world. To understand, you have to see with your eyes What is this city will leave you speechless, that’s not a phrase of circumstance, but pure and simple truth” – Anonymous


The Town of Towers, the Manhattan of the Middle Ages, a village defined by the UNESCO World Heritage List. Of the 72 towers of the Middle Ages, today there are 14, some still visitable. …..In the evening at dusk, magic of lights and shadows, dreamy looking eyes, overwhelmed in the past” – IL BORGO ANTICO


Protected by its walls, with its 14 towers, it stands on a small hill surrounded by greenery. An amazing place, with ancient and mysterious charm. The little ones will know that some movie scenes of Assassin’s Creed have been set up here. …Thou must know, around the rampart ranged, and in the pit, all from the navel down, they stand below” – DANTE – The Inferno XXXI


The Crystal City Known all around the world for the production of Crystal. The old part of the “Borgo” stands on a hill, which was the neuralgic center of the battle between Guelfi and Ghibellini, which saw Colle, allied with Florence.  “That, he replied, is Provenzan Salvani, And he is here because in his presumption He tried to get his hands on all Siena.” DANTE – Purgatorio XI


A fantastic village perched on a hill, divides the Val di Cecina from Val d’Era. Thanks to its isolated location and far from the sea, it has had a strategic importance throughout the centuries. The walls, the gray stone buildings and the Palaces of the Center are still a testimony to the ancient splendor of this city. “The piers of San Giusto and of Badia, the other ferrugine the other ferruginous, seemed to be plunging into the cranks; And with them the remaining walls, and the Borgo, and the city suspended, and all the seats of small and fragile men like the swallow nests in the sum of the immense and inexorable horror “- GABRIELE D’ANNUNZIO


Only the spectacular road to get at this heavenly corner, is a sufficient reason to stop visiting its stone streets and the quaint old town. It has a rich history dating back to the Bronze Age, not to mention its active participation in the production of Oil and Wine.


Located in the center of Chianti, Raddese territory has only recently witnessed of its Etruscan origins, thanks to the discovery of important finds. The Middle Ages has come to our day, with several castles spread out in this area, such as Volpaia, Albola or Monterinaldi, or with houses or manor houses.


Another important stage in the Chianti Classico Region. Due to its location at the base of the valley, Gaiole has always played an important role as a “city market” for the Castles and small neighboring towns. The surrounding area is predominantly composed of forests of oaks, vineyards and olive groves. In this area there are many Pievi and Castelli, such as: Meleto Castle, Brolio Castle, Castello di Spaltenna, Badia in Coltibuono, Borgo di Vertine, etc.


Most of the famous vineyards portrayed in Chianti’s photos are situated in the Greve area, often considered the “Access Gate” to Chianti. Its history is linked to the beautiful Castle of Montefioralle, located just above the city.The ancient Artisan Shops and Antique Butchers are particular interesting, as well as numerous churches and museums, such as the Museum of Sacred Art and the Wine Museum