Saltalbero” is an oasis of tranquility immersed in nature among the beautiful meadows and a wonderful forest overlooking the Ombrone River valley.
An equipped multifunctional area is the ideal place to spend a day out together, having fun with the ground games and paths between the trees, picnics and grilling or just relaxing.
At the Park we all agree… whether you prefer to rest in the shadow of the oaks lying on a beautiful hammock or you want to find some adventure spirit, “Saltalbero” is the perfect place for you!


A magic place for young and old! Experience an Outdoor Adventure! “The Giant Adventure Park” offers routes to the whole family. A set of selected routes for children of all ages and adventure wishes. Immerse yourself in an enchanted place where you share the thrill of discovery and experience with so many games and acrobatic passages, always in total safety.


This Adventure Park is one of the longest in Tuscany and it is just 10 minutes from Florence. This is the ideal place to put your courage in a relaxing environment.
With its 5 routes suitable for all ages, from the oldest to the youngest and with the new activity of Soft-Air, a shooting station with three shapes and targets, to which you can shoot with faithful replicas of weapons, always in total safety.


It is located on the ridge of the Pratese Apennines and its paths are realized in full respect for the environment, extend to the heart of a beautiful Douglas fir forest. The structures grow at 80 cm highs for baby paths, suitable for children between 3 and 7 year old, ranging from 2/4 meters to boys, up to 15 meters in adult paths. These routes have been designed to leave you speechless, always in total safety!


Last frontier: the Sea” An exciting journey to discover the blue planet, from small to big bodies predators, comparing the rich marine life of the Mediterranean with that of the far Tropical seas. The Aquarium is divided into three main sections: the Mediterranean (Tyrrhenian coasts), the Indian Ocean (South African Coast) and the Atlantic Ocean. The purpose of this structure is to entertain the public by revealing the mysteries of the aquatic world, because only from knowledge comes respect and with respect the possibility to live in harmony. Aquarius hosts hundreds of specimens of a variety of species: from herbs to murines, from sharks to butterflies, from clown fish to lobsters, etc., comparing animals living in the Mediterranean with those in other latitudes.


Livorno Aquarium is a fascinating journey to discover the Mediterranean Sea between Nature, Science and Art; it is located in a structure with a strong historical, artistic and architectural value in the city and enjoys a splendid seafront of Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno