Chianti Village Morrocco – Resort Apartments in Chianti – Ristorante

The Chianti Village Restaurant is the best solution for guests who want to relax while tasting the local products to spectacular views of the Tuscan hills. The catering service is available throughout the day, from breakfast buffet, light lunches and bar snacks until dinner. It is also available on a take - away that room service. Who does not love going to wineries but do not want to miss the opportunity to taste the best wines of the area you can stock up our wine - bar.
FROM 12:00 TO 15:00
FROM 19:00 TO 22:30

November - CLOSED
To better know the area and its traditions also need to plunge into the culinary heritage of the same.      For this purpose, the Chef Raphael De Rosa is available for entertaining cooking classes individual or group where you can pick up and take home a lot 'of traditional recipes of Tuscany!